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Aroldo is a 2020 graduate from Immokalee High

and an Immokalee Soccer School & Academy All Star.

He participated in ISSA for seven years as a player, scholar, mentee, mentor, coach, and volunteer. He is currently in his first year at Michigan State University School of Engineering.

We couldn't be more proud!


Luis Pablo was one of Immokalee Soccer School & Academy's first participants.  We watched Luis Pablo grow up and excel at nearly everything he tried his hand at. Luis Pablo had the opportunity to travel to Mexico on three occasions and once to Europe where he visited and competed in four countries with our sister organization InterCups.

Sadly, Luis Pablo was in his senior year at Immokalee High in October 2019 when he passed away in a tragic car accident.

His memory is commemorated in ISSA's logo.


LU Luis PA Pablo RA Ramirez ME Mejia


Johnny is the perfect example of perseverance and determination that we want to instill in the kids of ISSA. Johnny struggled in school for many years. Many people gave up on him and left him believing that he is not good for this or for that. But Johnny didn't let that stop him. He realized that he is capable and can do whatever he puts his mind to. After not being able to graduate with his class, Johnny enrolled in a high school degree program and completed it in record time. He was awarded his diploma in October 2020 and is now setting his sights on studying to become a barber/hair stylist.

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