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Jeffrey Zanger has been in the gem and jewelry trade for over 43 years. Since moving to Naples, Florida from Los Angeles in 1988, he has been a wholesale gem trader, traveling the world in search of the world’s finest and rarest diamonds, gems and period jewelry. His travels have taken him to the gem centers of the world, including Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), India, Hong Kong, Geneva, London, Paris and New York.

Even though his work and travels have taken him around the world, Jeffrey continues to be active and invested in supporting our community.  He has been a steady supporter of ISSA for many years. We are grateful for his support, encouragement, and advice.

Jeffrey is our first ISSA Ambassador. He shares his knowledge and dedication to our values with us and shares his enthusiasm for our program with those who we haven't yet had the opportunity to meet. Jeffrey has been able to discern the innate beauty in our kids just like he does with his gemstones. 

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